DSN Search Team

Claire Monte
President, Northeast Region


Claire Monte, President of DSN’s Northeast Region, is a seasoned Professional Placement expert with a special focus on the Information Technology market. With an in-depth understanding of corporations’ technical needs, coupled with a keen awareness of the image that top-notch candidates must present, Ms. Monte has tailored an effective formula with exceptional results for all parties. Working with candidates, Ms. Monte takes a "grass roots" approach that assesses candidates’ personal lifestyles as well as professional needs and assets, finding the right fit based on both. Prior to Joining Data Search Network, Claire was a partner and co-founder of Executive Software Plus, a leading talent provider for the software industry in the New York metropolitan area. Ms. Monte holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Ramapo State University

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Laurie Masten
Sr. Recruiter

Laurie Masten, Sr. Recruiter, has been with DSN since 2002. Ms. Masten worked for many years in Customer Service gaining insight into relationship building with clients making her a perfect fit for IT recruitment.  Coupled with a degree in Business, Laurie has a true “hands on” approach dealing with candidates and clients to make sure she sharpens her pencil and identify the focus of technologies needed along with the long term goals of each party.